I’m Benjamin Jacobs and this is my new-ish site!

I’m an artist, web designer, front-end developer, illustrator and multimedia designer.. But wait, there’s more.. I really dig editing video and visual story telling.. and audio recording is super awesome too.. and when you put those two together, wow! Oh, I have to mention that I also really love songwriting and playing music!

In my journey I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with some great and brilliant people. (you know who your are). I’ve also been blessed to work for some really cool Companies and projects throughout the years too.

Along the ride I’ve been employed and commissioned by Online Education Companies, Military Organizations, Advertising Agencies, Retail Clients, Print Houses, Sign Shops, Body & Paint Shops and Mom and Pops just to name a few, and love it all.

If you’re bored out of your mind or just want to know more about me, read my blog. Be sure to check out some of my art, web stuff and music stuff! My hope is that you enjoy my work at least half as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

On a more important note: I am blessed to have married the cutest, sweetest girl in the world. I have 6 awesome kids and a giant 12 seater creeper van to keep me grounded.. literally. it gets 8 mpg so i ain’t going anywhere.. Hey, Thanks for stopping by!

Benjamin Jacobs