Cymera - Black & Whites

I take a lot of pictures with my phone due to convenience.. so much so that I haven't really used my SLR in over 2 years. My phone camera shoots at a higher resolution and most of the time takes a better shot.. anyways.. I recently found a cool app called Cymera. with Cymera it has a cool B/W filter that i'm loving a lot.

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Broken Heart

As many of you know my brother Karel Jacobs passed away in early June. I miss him very much and my heart is still broken... After he passed I happened to notice that I made a sale back in May from an album I did long ago.. evidently It was Karel who bought the album. aka the green album. Even though the album was substandard in terms of quality...

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California Road Trip 2015

Our California road trip for summer vacation was a blast! I don't think there is anything better that to hang out with the family, see the country and visiting family. Here are some pictures along the way!

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Praying for America

I LOVE this photo of my family.. even if it's without me in it The older I get, the deeper the meaning of this photo is revealed. In this picture I think of what my parents must have went through.. losing their home, stuff and homeland. They endured prison camp and had to do a lot to get into this Country. I thank my Parents for their courageous adventure and obedience to the Creator for seeing them through it all.

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What a Year This Has Been

It's been awhile since my last blog post. A lot has happened throughout the year and found myself much too busy/lazy to write in the blog.. finally, some things have slowed down for a bit..

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Life in the Slow Lane

Before the kids get any older we felt it was time to start making some memories and get down to the nitty gritty of discovering new places and have some family adventures.

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We're on

Oh my.. It does not get any better than this! My lifelong dream of getting on a major site on the interwebs has finally come true! Read More

Does life sometimes get too busy for a Blog?

Mmm, Yes it does. Well, It's been a zillion years since my last blog post but wanted to take some time to document all of the cool things God has been doing in our lives. We've done so much here and met so many cool and friendly people in our new state of Virginia.

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California/Hawaii Vacation 2010

California Here we Come! - Taking a trip to so cal on our way to Hawaii.. gonna be fun seeing the fam Read More

Adventure in Hawaii - Wedding Day Pix 1

Sarah and Kahana's Wedding in Hawaii was awesome! Marie took like a gazillion photos on the wedding day and will have to break them up in several blog posts from here on out! - enjoy! Read More

It's beginning to look a lot like Alaska

WOWIE WOW WOW WOW! - Hey. now this is snow! Record breaking snow the same week that our prez and al are trying to pitch global warming in Copenhagen... Yes, God does have a sense of the humor! Here's the pics to prove it.

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Christmas Trees and Coldstuff

Virginia for the most part had been very mild with temperatures sometimes dipping in the 30's. No worries... Big Bear in so-cal get much colder than that! - By talking to the locals we knew it would get colder most likely in February, so we thought we had plenty of time to shop gloves, coats and snow shovels and what-nots.. Read More

Let it Snow and Sick as a Dog!

We've been here for 3 months or so and the kids have been waiting for the snow... daily. We told them that January was most likely the season for snow, but the kids have been praying for it ever since we got here. Evidently the kids prayers are stronger than mine because today it snowed!.

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Thanksgiving and Stuff... ing

Thanksgiving was pretty neat this year. The weather really felt like late November and leaves had fallen.. something we're not used to coming from Southern California. It would have been perfect if Troy could have been here, but knew he was taken care of in so-cal with Mieke and the Girls. Here's some photos to document the festivities! Read More

Jesus Loves Me.. and DC

Yowza! We had loads of fun in DC with the family. It was our first trip and a last minute short and sweet. We got there at about dusk because we spent too much time at the Indonesian Restaurant but we plan on going back when we have some time. It's a quick drive to DC! Read More