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- Around the Block

- Stars

- Dark Fire

- Rich getting richer

- Rock Star President

- Better Part of me

- Wrong side of the law

- It's not heaven, but i can see it from here

- Lamp Trimmed and Burning - remake

- Everything is broken - Bob Dylan Cover

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Rock Star President

Rich Gettin' Richer Poor Gettin' Poorer

Dark Fire

Jesus Loves Me

I've written many songs. Several songs have appeared on television and film. I'm a member of BMI and continue to receive royalties for past and current work.. not too shabby for guy like me.

I have been in several signed bands throughout my life and have had the opportunity to play at some of the premiere clubs and venues in the country, mostly Southern California. In my youth I have opened and shared bills with notable artists of fame & fortune.. to neither of those of which I possess. 

I was in the Christian band Mad at the World for several albums and the Christian band ROSE for several more albums. This was an amazing experience playing music for all the right reasons. I met some awesome people and made some life-long friendships along the way.

Along with my day job, I currently write music, record, perform and sing for commercial and background bed music types of applications.

In 2008 I was recruited to help Master Educator Tim Bedley write, arrange, record and perform Rock and Roll music compositions for a standards based education project targeted at kids grades 3-8.

Tim Bedley, Educator and Promotion-master extraordinaire Mike Anderson and I, forged an alliance and titled it; 'Rockin' the Standards'. Along with Tim and Mikes skills and utilizing my talents, we have successfully built a brand, carving out a unique nitch.

Rockin' the Standards has created viral social media campaigns that have over 250,000 hits and counting. Our web site continues to sell and promote our products consisting of 2 CD's (Language Arts and Math).

These music CD's and downloads have sold thousands and continue to sell all over the country and in English speaking parts of the world. Rockin' the Standards has on numerous occasions reached number 1 on Amazon and iTunes under Children's Education.